Journey of Innovation Fitness Dynamics -Paul Hobcraft

So how do we become innovation fit? By Paul Hobcraft is new and perhaps your possible innovation work-out gym

Firstly stop and survey our world from a new advantage point

Can you imagine standing on top of a mountain, looking out across a vast expanse of nothing but mountains and valleys stretching out before you? If you squint hard enough you can just make out that somewhere in the hazy distance, the end point of your travels. The distance you have to travel towards that much-needed innovation understanding is made up of so many different dynamics, that once known makes you and your organization that much fitter to compete in today’s challenging world. It seems so really far off, or actually is it?

The Innovation Journey Before You

Exhilaration can quickly turn to reality.

Clearly, while you are on top of this mountain, you feel exhilarated to have even got up to this point. To even get to here you have already made a decision that you and your organization needs to become a more innovation one and needs to look beyond what you have, to what is possible. You are curious to explore this further, you have too. innovation is a strategic imperative for, adding value, growth, sustaining and improving wealth creation.

You have innovation choices

You had some vague ideas on what that might mean when you set out on that first climb to achieve this first advantage point. What you never expected once you had got to this particular mountaintop was just what the vista that had so suddenly opened up in front of you, would actually mean. The sudden shock of what might be in front of you suddenly became overwhelming; it stopped you in your tracks. You felt suddenly confronted on what all this might actually mean. Do you go on or go back down?

Starting any journey always needs a first step.

While you had lived fairly comfortably down in the valley below, you simply kept looking up wondering what it would be like to become a more innovative organization. What was beyond that one mountain you constantly looked up too? You had survived, sometimes you even thrived but much of that ‘success’ was actually outside your own hands, it was often determined by some luck, often those abilities to react to something quickly enough on what went on around you.

You followed others, you adapted and adjusted to changes going on and kept simply going but you felt this was not a really sustaining position. You wanted to change this, you felt you just wanted to be more in charge of your own innovation destiny. The question was how?

The big idea, a decision to walk a new path with a journey’s end in mind.

Then the big idea came to you. The way to change was to make a critical decision, to move on by following a new path, a path towards innovation fitness. Why innovation, why the need to get fit? What was the journey end you had in mind? It might change as you move forward but the critical aspect is to make the move, staying where you are is not an option today.

To help on your journey I believe we need to raise our game and provide greater fitness in the way we manage innovation. The dynamics of innovation need to be understood

A new website dedicated to Making Your Organization Fit.

Innovation Fitness Dynamics is a structured approach, you might want to find out about.

This blog is about offering you a pathway towards achieving your own innovation fitness dynamics

The journey has many peaks and troughs, mountains and valleys to forge. Firstly you have to understand your present fitness to travel on any ‘change’  journey and in this particular case, to achieve any innovation fitness is highly dynamic and challenging. There are lots of fitness points needed to transform your innovation potential from a simple follower to a leader, recognized and respected for your ability to consistently deliver innovation in a sustaining way.

The end goal

The end goal of your journey is simply “the greater fitness you can achieve in innovation capability the more it can equate to a new value creation“.  The exploring of the terrain that suddenly is opening up in front of you as you look over the mountains and valleys is in need of exploring, of traveling, of searching out those different combinations you require to get you to your own dynamics of innovation fitness understanding.

Welcome.  You will find here your guide, your companion, to be available to walk alongside you on your innovation journey.

The first step towards achieving any innovation fitness is to decide that you are are not going to stay where you are and so you become aware, the second step is a clear acceptance that you have to take a journey. The first step leads one to the second.

“One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything”

–  George Christoph Lichten- physics professor and scientist 1742- 1799.

We begin our journey, a journey full of innovation fitness dynamics. Start walking, start exploring, let us go climbing into your need for personal and organizational innovation fitness.

I offer a clear advisory service in building your innovation capabilities and competencies and suggest you make a call or email so we can have an opening exchange on how I can help you build your capacity to innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Mail to: paul*AT*

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