The dynamic points of innovation understanding

Fitness Landscape 1 Sewall WrightHave you ever studied a map in a hilly or mountainous terrain? When you are studying the terrain, you have to survey the landscape and then decide how to cross. You need to be aware of what to avoid and what will help you map out a successful pathway. You need to optimize, evaluate and determine your best options.

Determining future innovation outcomes requires a greater understanding of what capabilities are more useful to develop, those that offer a more dynamic capacity. Do you know yours?

Can you separate these from the many you have that fail to give innovation impact?

We never start from a blank innovation canvas.

None of us has a ‘blank’ innovation canvas, we have developed a present position; one that is built on a legacy of past work and from our needs built up from our innovation activity, also in the past. As these develop we make choices, we sometimes become locked into certain structures, systems and processes, so we find it often highly difficult on how we are going to change, to move from one position to a different one – traversing the landscape to achieve better solutions to meet different goals that meet the present or future needs.

Have you ever evaluated your capabilities, competencies and capacities to innovation in light of a changing landscape? 

One where competitors have gained new ground or you have been confronted with a more disruptive product that threatens your established position, or has even the potential to threaten your very existence? Your ability to respond to changing positions are often determined by knowing which capabilities and capacities you can call upon and leverage for finding new solutions that accelerate and innovate your position to respond and stay competitive.

Do you know which are your more dynamic and valuable capabilities?

How do you go about and recognize these and to be able to separate them from many of your existing assets, that make a valuable contribution but do not have the dynamic potential to change, to rapidly increase performance and offer a distinctive future advantage.

The more dynamic, evolving ones  that lead to new growth identification, new creations and solutions, that deliver new opportunities to compete in changing market conditions. These strengthen not just critical capabilities they build upon them a far more distinctive advantage.

Today we need to constantly orchestrate our innovation capital; it needs to be context specific and highly interconnected. Are yours?

Gaining awareness is an evolutionary path of becoming highly adaptive

  • Knowing your dynamic capabilities to traverse a highly competitive landscape needs an understanding.
  • Knowing your innovation fitness is becoming essential for your future growth and sustainability.

Exploring this dedicated site set up for determining the practice of building your innovation fitness is a good starting point.

The end result is offering you the components to focus upon through by identifying and building those dynamic capabilities

Can I help you identify and determine your core dynamic components? I believe so, why not find out and ask?

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