Greater fitness in innovation offers more value creation potential

The greater fitness you achieve equates to more value creation potential.

Achieving more dynamic innovation fitness
Achieving more dynamic innovation fitness

The ability to inter‐couple landscape entities, to constantly combine the different capabilities in different often unique ways and exploit individual interactions alters your dynamics to innovate and does improve repeatable cycle times from this constant recreation potential.

The key is to know what these capability points are – by dynamic linking those that are important and ignoring those that are not.

By learning from these experiments or adaptive walks you can quickly operationalize routines that can be quickly absorbed across the organization and so reduce uncertainties and strengthen the capabilities.

The ability to create ‘natural tensions’ from this fitness learning triggers the need to further explore and search out different combinations, this adds even further to your dynamics of innovation understanding.

Tensions can be healthy if channeled correctly, these are the ‘value insight’ moments where diverse knowledge suddenly combines into new potential innovation activity.

We need to search for clear distinctive capabilities so they can emerge and combine in new ways; these are your dynamic points for innovation.

* These are unique to you, they make you distinctive.

* They lead you to new growth, new creations, and new opportunities to innovate.

* You evolve. You constantly look to combine in different ways to stay ‘dynamic’ and sustaining.

If you would like to learn more then please contact me and we can set up a ‘decent’ conversation or meeting to talk through this specifically. Contact paul*AT*

Of course there is a terrific amount of good material on this website to explore and to help you. I encourage you to do just that, to go on your own ‘walkabout’ of this site, take the appropriate time and then we can begin the expedition this is more ‘fit for purpose’ for you and your organization’s specific needs.

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