Establishing Distinct Capabilities for Innovation Success

IFD emphasis on design

The emphasis needs to be placed upon building distinct capabilities for innovation success.

Announcing the building of dynamic innovation capabilities for your fitness
Announcing the building of dynamic innovation capabilities for your fitness

the dynamics within the existing capabilities need to be fully understood and then you need to design the new capabilities on clear understanding of the direction, vision and mission required from innovation to be more successful in meeting the strategic needs”.

Irrespective, there are big, consistent growing questions still nag away in the CEO’s mind on innovation

Q: “What and where do I place my limited (and scarce) resources to maximise the impact of our innovation efforts and how can I be sure?”

“What are those capabilities that generate differential advantage?” How can the CEO or CIO identify the links and connections they want to make their innovation activity align more with the overall capabilities system they have in place? Where does the CEO place his ‘bets’ to get the limited resources he has available aligned to gain this better return on the investments in innovation?

Can we identify a common set of critical innovation capabilities?

Yes, I believe we can.

Something that is not as it is presently a systematic in approach yet it can be by reducing the scattered and piecemeal approach today in building ad hoc innovation capabilities. To build distinct, consistent and well-defined tailored capabilities to the innovation challenges at hand is what the CEO wants to achieve and those responsible need to deliver.

Distinct Capabilities for Innovation
Distinct Capabilities for Innovation

If the organization is knowing the capabilities that matter most to their particular innovation strategy and then in this awareness of what and where to place the organizations innovation fitness programme so they can set about building them.

A fitness regime designed to improve, focus and execute upon these distinct capabilities needed in a highly focused manner  – sound too good to be true? I don’t think so, why not talk to me to understand this better. It has real value if you can constantly ‘orchestrate’ and build innovation capabilities to meet the challenges constantly emerging.

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