Achieving Business Relevance

IFD Relevance

The real need is for improving the business relevance of anything that is new.

To quantify this, in general this should include to enhance, reduce, eliminate or improve:

  • Increasing flexibility and efficiency.
  • Managing knowledge effectively through the adaptive capacity framework.
  • Increasing productivity and reducing time to market.
  • Facilitating teamwork.
  • Enabling on-line gathering of marketing information and strengthening customer dialogues.
  • Improving relationships with suppliers, partners and those within your extended network.
  • Integrating differing sources of customer information though social media designs.
  • Making client relationships more effective and engaged in two way flows.
  • Eliminating redundant processes and legacy systems on a consistent manner.
  • Reducing costs by implementing IT-based solutions that integrate and are highly visable.
  • Reducing bureaucratic tasks (those that did not add value).
  • Using e-learning to improve capabiities, investing the necessary discovery time.
  • Exploring through participating on platforms, external relationships to gain alternative opinions to challenge your own.
  • Increasing the market range of goods and services in consistent ways that deliever value to the customer to achieve the job they are wanting to be resolved.
  • Improving relationships with employees by deepening the trust, openness and recognizing the value contribution they are making.

Any selection must consistently focus upon what is going to increase the competitiveness and uniqueness and improve the value and investments made for higher returns.

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