The Vital Attributes for an Innovation Organization

IFD Innovation Hand

Understanding what is needed for innovation- unlocking the mysteries

* Innovation organizations tend to be more decentralized, more informal, minimally stratified or layered and more generalist than specialized.

* They have cultures that value independent thinking, risk taking and ongoing learning.

* They are tolerant of failure and they value diversity.

* Open communication is reinforced and there is a high degree of trust and respect between individuals that collaborate.

These  attributes should include, but not limited too:

  • Organizations have a clear vision
  • Innovative organizations change because they see a better way and not because they have to change
  • Innovation organizations are always on the lookout for new products, new markets and new ways of doing things
  • Innovation organizations value substance over form- putting the ideas to work
  • They build creatively and innovation into the fabric of the company
  • They have organizational structures that are more often team-based than hierarchical
  • Innovation organizations tend to operate through open communications rather than through formal processes
  • Innovation organisations do not personalize conflict
  • Innovation organizations focus on who you know as well as on what you know
  • Innovation organizations appreciate individuality and diversity
  • Innovation organizations encourage fun at work- engaged, enlivened, fully participative and empowered
  • They reward curiosity and working smarter
  • Innovation organizations do not believe in the answer and allows space for wondering, thinking and reflection and numerous ways to get to a solution
  • Innovation organizations encourage people to bend the rules, being different and having pride if they emerge with adding new value to the organization.
  • Innovation organizations tolerate errors and avoid punishment where creativity is appreciated
  • Innovation organizations finally encourage behaviours that allow for thought, time for incubation, openness to wonder and sometimes irreverence that can elicit different, creative reasoning that wants to be measured on creativity and innovativeness.

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